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While looking to buy a property, Akim Lefevre and Fatiha Berhili chose to be accompanied by David Mesmacque in order to benefit from a relevant expertise on their financing file as well as for the management of their existing and future assets.


AL&FB: “There are five of us and we were looking for a quality home to live a great family life. Our goal was to move quickly while remaining close to our respective families.”


Although they browse the online offers, Akim and Fatiha find it difficult to get in touch to make a visit. Indeed, many questions prevent them from launching this project such as the type of property to choose or their location. In addition, there are certain obstacles such as the question of financing a house in Île-de-France, where prices are relatively higher than in the rest of France.

It was when they came across the DMSC website, which presented a property available in their search area, that they decided to contact David Mesmacque. They were convinced by the quality of the photographs and the presentation of the property. After meeting with him, they were able to make concrete progress on their project.


AL&FB: “Meeting David was key. He told us about an opportunity that could be a good fit for us.”


First of all, Akim contacted David to visit the property and during the phone conversation, he felt that he was the ideal interlocutor, because he knew how to put him and his wife at ease. He was able to get answers about the specifics of the property and get more details about it.

After an initial visit, David immediately suggested that they come to his office in Meulan to discuss the points that seemed important to them, particularly concerning questions relating to the financing of the house and asset management.


AL&FB: “I felt comfortable and confident with David. He came across as attentive and responsive to our needs.”


After having found, with David Mesmacque, a property corresponding to their expectations, they bought it. In addition to the professionalism of the real estate agent, the couple was delighted with the speed with which the sale took place. Indeed, their objective being to move quickly, they were impressed by David’s reactivity and support. From the visit to the delivery of the property, he was present at every moment. “David took care of everything, all we had to do was fulfill his requests and it was done to our satisfaction.”

Akim and Fatiha were looking for a real estate agent who was not only competent in his job, but also listened to their needs and questions. Having many ideas and projects, they were looking for a partner who could meet their expectations.

AL&FB: “With David, it’s all there: the advice was wise, the strategy outstanding, the study of our need was precise and most importantly, he has a method of his own that has proven itself!”


Akim and Fatiha greatly appreciated David’s availability and professionalism, but above all, his humanity. David was able to demonstrate pedagogy and patience and reassure them at every step of the purchasing process. They know that without him, they would probably still be watching the ads today. “Without David’s guidance, we probably wouldn’t have taken the plunge.”

Akim and Fatiha warmly recommend David, whatever the type of real estate project, thanks to his listening skills and his expertise, he knows how to identify the needs of his customers and offer them the best solution and above all, he knows his job. Whether it is to discuss financing, study plans or suggest areas of improvement, initiate work or propose a capitalization strategy, David is able to guide each individual in their existing and future real estate projects.

AL&FB: “Today, our projects continue with his precious help. It is a great pleasure to continue our collaboration with him.”

David has identified the couple’s future needs and their goal is to continue to manage their assets well with his help and support.

The final word: “We recommend David rather twice than once, do not hesitate a moment, he will be the man of the situation, cross your fingers especially so that he is available because by dint of growing notoriety, your only risk is that he is not!”

Give yourself the privilege of adapted and tailor-made support!

Give yourself the privilege of adapted and tailor-made support!


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