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Journal IMMO : According to a study conducted by the FNAIM published on February 1 and entitled “Heritage: savings and investments of the French under the microscope”, net wealth remains steadily increasing, it posted 14,600 billion euros in 2021, real estate continues to occupy a place of choice in the heritage of the French, even if individual situations are very diversified. Real estate still represented 68% of their net wealth in 2021.

  • David Mesmacque : • This is why I take the time to gather here specific examples, from many customer testimonials with whom nothing was assured at the beginning but for whom, as for all the management of real estate projects entrusted to me, turned out to result in a happy ending all the same!

Journal IMMO : It is even said that 2023 is the ideal time to sell a property because buyers and investors are still on the market and borrowing conditions remain favorable for a majority of cases. Selling in the first half of the year is the best solution because real estate prices have never been so high and the rate of wear and tear is rising.

  • DM : • So yes and no! Let’s start with the negative, the “no” is never categorical but it is nevertheless more and more present since the second half of 2022, this “no” received by banks, this “no” sent by prospects who no longer have morale and it seems that it is not about to stop.

So why “yes” despite this observation? Simply because there are a multitude of solutions that a good professional can bring you. Real estate and financial investments are obviously possible and I am here to demonstrate the feasibility as soon as it seems necessary. Even considering that interest rates on loans are likely to rise further.

Journal IMMO : So, should we buy now or wait? Experts agree that now is the ideal time to invest in real estate due to the inflationary environment. Prices are unlikely to collapse and interest rates are expected to stabilize around 2%.

  • DM : • Once again, there are still several bells and I will position myself in the variant with, however, a good perception of feasibility, if the strategy put in place corresponds to that necessary for the successful completion of the project according to each file. Indeed, I do not have a single identical assembly, whatever the period, the social level, the location, the price of the acquisition, my approach is adaptive and fortunately for my customers, it is this faculty of perception in my noble profession that allows me to project each of my customers towards the expected outcome solution.

    Unpretentious, I do not yet have an example in the negative, and yet, it is not for lack of having received categorical refusals from banks and brokers!

    However, I have a case waiting for more than 2 years now, but for once, this client, having promised to keep her guiding thread of actions agreed together, has not respected her commitments and the project remains pending.

    I tried armed with multiple arguments, to make him take the right path, but as I often repeat, I am not a magician, all I put forward, will be the consecration of a work done upstream in good understanding and especially in the rigorous application of the actions necessary for the expected result.
    With the exception of this particular case, the other multiple files turned out to be positive and we arrived at the result so long awaited by all of my clients.

Do you think you recognize yourself among the many cases mentioned in the testimonies below?

Take the time to read the summary and then, if you find a certain similarity, then you will have already advanced a little faster than for those who will not see a similar example and to whom I advise to call me as soon as possible to make an appointment! Like this recent client who, no longer knowing which direction to go, contacted me on recommendation and finds himself at the moment when I write my article, under my wing, with a coherent project and promising future prospects (testimony to read on my blog soon).

Of course, you have probably read some feedback on Google reviews or heard about me from friends who have trusted me, I resume a little further in the reading, some cases that will allow you to identify a little more the interlocutor that I propose to meet and maybe also, to start dreaming again.

Before I move on to this reading, I would like to quote some of my clients:
  • « A chance to have met him before embarking on the acquisition of my property. »
  • « Whether you are an individual or a professional, you are in good hands! You can go with your eyes closed!  »
  • « As for the buyers, he made them a financing plan to obtain a mortgage right away … So do not hesitate, I recommend 200%.  »
  • « He is the professional to know for any real estate project and / or investment, or the 2, as was my case. A big thank you David, and looking forward to a future appointment.  »
  • « He does not count his time, which is a precious fact in our time with the times that run because of the financial upheavals we are experiencing and that David manages to make us forget as much as possible. A big thank you to him, I highly recommend him!  »
  • « The icing on the cake, if you need financing advice, you are knocking on the right door with a professional who is available and efficient at will. A big thank you David Mesmacque for this precious time that we have whenever necessary.  »
  • « A big thank you for your availability and your permanent support David. I also know that you will be there for the future, what a relief for my couple. See you soon with pleasure.  »
  • « David’s valuable advice allowed me to project myself towards a concrete future. Thank you for everything and congratulations for this superb welcome in unforgettable offices in the post-confinement period, respect for the rules of social distancing and beautiful and airy premises. »
  • « He helped me and still helps me in my project which, without him, would be doomed to failure. A chance to have met him before embarking on the acquisition of my property. . »
  • « A big thank you to David Mesmacque for his support, without whom I would not have been able to finance my apartment. Through his responsiveness and professionalism, he was able to contribute to our project succeeding in the best conditions. I highly recommend it, see you soon.  »
  • « We bought our main residence and Mr. David Mesmacque was the agent in charge of the sale. He has always been very available, and has put us in touch with people who are equally available. The project went very well, with a lot of transparency. » »
  • « We are very grateful for his attentive follow-up and insightful observations, which go far beyond the sole scope of real estate acquisition. We highly recommend David if you have a real estate project in sight, or need advice on capitalization strategy. He will take the time to listen to you, and will provide you with a relevant analysis of your situation. Good luck Mr Mesmacque!  »
As well as the touching testimony of some of my students!
  • « David Mesmacque takes you as far as you want, a professional who combines strategy with the quality of his studies, he accompanies you for your professional or personal projects. I have followed an exceptional training and I continue my work now with the best partner there is. Thank you for everything David.  »
  • « Its many partners in real estate strategy make any project a positive success! Each file is handled methodically and meticulously: it is this flawless process that allows the accomplishment of its service! From experience, many other “professionals” of the trade do not reach his ankle… And for good reason, apart from the qualities already mentioned, you will face you a totally invested and benevolent man. You will understand, trust him with your eyes closed! Thank you professor! »
You now begin reading the testimonials I have received as a result of the actions I have taken for my clients.

Testimonial 1 :

Professional competence, speed of responses given, handling in all areas of difficulties that may arise. Accompaniment with rich and built exchanges in several areas. Reactivity and richness of the information transmitted. Complex file, complementary financial skills, rigorous organization

DM: Multiple sales in Meulan and Pézenas, support on many properties and division on condominium, optimization of an SCI (2016-22, rental management, profitability calculation and structural analysis to project towards a more optimized financial balance sheet.

Testimonial 2 :

Seasoned professional. Rigorous and passionate. Helps make the right choices. Construction of a complicated bank file (SCI + apartment in own name), search for a property, sale of an apartment. Shows a lot of humanity

DM: Support on a purchase, then a sale, then a strategy to adopt in capitalization in 2022

Testimonial 3 :

Real estate project, support to find an exceptional property. Masters the financial aspect of my real estate project.

DM: Professional real estate project, adaptation of the existing, improvement on all building bodies, optimization in relation to diagnostics, beautification work and decoration for the customer approach, communication assessment and 3D simulation before execution of the work. Then personal project in the wake and finally strategy and setting up an SCI and capitalization on the possibilities acquired with a building land.

Testimonial 4 :

Professional, available and responsive, good advice, quality approach in a warm way. Long-term help to avoid failure.

DM: Apartment sale with support for the work and follow-up of compliance of the site, duration 10 months!

Testimonial 5 :

Quality of support, know-how and enthusiasm that make any project possible. Gives the keys to succeed and optimize any financial project

DM: Support on personal and professional projects, real estate, financial and business. Buying and selling advice

Testimonial 6 :

Great professional. Managed to sell my house in 3 weeks while trying for years… Very good advice (Home Staging), puts the hand to the paw if necessary, available.

DM: Necessary or even mandatory preparation of a property for sale, accompaniment, support and help with the organization

Testimonial 7 :

Support rental project and professional future and investment. Valuable advice and brilliant strategy. Extraordinary approach, situation allows you to locate yourself quickly and eliminate all your doubts

DM: Profitability study, projection for the professional project and adaptation accordingly. Attention to detail for the accuracy of the result in optimized deadlines!

Testimonial 8 :

Professionalism and great availability. On-site support, paralleling of the different technical aspects on different properties.

DM: A project on an ecological basis, my training in timber frame construction coupled with my raison d’être could only stick perfectly with this client with whom we will be in constant contact, a real great satisfaction.

Testimonial 9 :

High availability, qualitative approach. In-depth knowledge on all subjects.

DM: Rigorous support and well-judged financial advice in this delicate period to manage for everyone. A great complicity source of success. A superb example of mutual satisfaction, what a joy for a professional to be confronted with such difficulties and to have in front of him a client with confidence who knew how to wait for luck to finally turn and especially in the respect of the allotted time!

Testimonial 10 :

Efficient to advise on the optimization of the existing, its knowledge constantly shared, absolute efficiency.

DM: Both sellers and buyers are my preferred customers, in this case, advice pours in for both situations. A permanent follow-up for growing projects for this family.

Testimonial 11 :

Study of the need, research, visit, analysis of the existing and especially valuable advice. Approach to the different financial aspects and solutions found in record time.

DM: Multiple investments that require total support and the implementation of strategic and financial tools, tools developed since 1997 to support companies and which have only evolved and adapted to the needs of our social and economic evolution.

Testimonial 12 :

Acquisition of an ecological domain. Meticulous studies. Objective orientation.

DM: Project to acquire an ecological domain treated in just a few months, the project is up to initial expectations. Project in complex home automation totally supported by me!

Testimonial 13 :

Good mood, listening, professionalism. Advice, availability, work and kindness.

DM: Advice on career development, purchase of a property different from the initial possibilities and long-term support to continue to optimize this real estate future so desired by my client.

Testimonial 14 :

Magnificent accompaniment for all real estate projects, professionalism and knowledge.

DM: In a troubled and delicate period to manage in terms of profitability, all the essential points of rental management were discussed as well as cash flow analyses and new projections.

Testimonial 15 :

Professional, advice, support and rigor. Long-term follow-up.

DM: Quality continuing real estate training and a financial and material organization strategy at the highest level. Personal and professional coaching and advice

Testimonial 16 :

Very professional, vast knowledge, more than significant experience.

DM: Professional support and various advice for the realization in the best conditions of real estate projects.

Testimonial 17 :

Available and responsive, good advice, quality approach.

DM: A delicate accompaniment on a property to restore, a great pride for me to have been able to accomplish this mission full of twists and turns but managed from A to Z without giving up and for the total satisfaction of my client.

Testimonial 18 :

Support, financial analysis, responsiveness and professionalism.

DM: financing file already committed and without positive follow-up, transformation with care and logic for a flawless completion of the project.

Testimonial 19 :

Purchasing, availability, professional networking, project management, transparency.

DM: Visit, counter-visit, needs analysis and ideal advice for the satisfaction of this now neighboring couple.

Testimonial 20 :

Pro, efficient, friendly. Unfolding from A to Z with total availability, precise and relevant advice.

DM: An exclusive mandate like all my files taken care of, a precise value analysis for a fast and efficient sale in line with a construction project carried out in parallel.

Testimonial 21 :

Professionalism, transparency, and dedication. Advice, effective support for a first acquisition.

DM: On a large project to acquire a qualitative property at will, with possible divisions, strategic and financial analysis made it possible to complete this beautiful project in a very short time. A great common satisfaction.

Journal IMMO : Thank you David for this detailed approach, in conclusion, what do you recommend to your prospects?

David Mesmacque : It’s very simple, before any decision is made, make sure you have made the right choice, it is better to devote a few more days to your feasibility analysis and not to waste valuable time that can be very expensive sometimes.

Taking charge of your project remains my daily hobby horse and I will be happy to bring you the necessary balance to achieve the strategic choice best suited to your needs.

Give yourself the privilege of adapted and tailor-made support!


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